Friday, May 28, 2010

My new hand-drawn moo t-shirt :)

It's summer now, I wanted to have my unique t-shirt for 2010. But how to get it unique? We end up with the idea of drawing my own t-shirt. Recently, moo is my favourite, I even have one drawn on my paddle :) So, I wanted one on my new t-shirt as well.

First of all, we did some moo sketches on recycled paper to develop the idea:
I quite like this one, because it's cute, sweet, and fat, haha! So, this will be my moo:
Next, we drew it onto the new white cotton t-shirt I got rcently:
Finished! Isn't it cute? :D
Here's how my new moo t-shirt looked after I permanently set the drawing, so, it's washable now :D

I would love to see your hand-drawn t-shirt, or if you prefer this kind of hand-drawn t-shirt will be available in my shop in October :)