Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 new series to join the color pencil ear studs

This collection, PENCIL LOVER, is inspired by one of my childhood hobbies, collecting color pencils sets. I found that looking at them could always put a smile on my face. Recently, the idea of transfering them to be wearable jewelry pushed me to create this brand new collection, PENCIL LOVER. I hope they could also bring other people smiles :)

Yesterday, I got 4 more series to join the collection.
They are the purple/blue series:
the orange, magenta and red series:
the neutral collor series:
the purple/pink series:
and there will be one more to come either later today or tomorrow :)
Diameter of the studs: 7mm (9/32 inch)
Thickness of the studs: 6mm (7/32 inch)
Materials: color pencils, silver, and surgical steel
They are available from my etsy jewelry shop now:

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