Monday, May 24, 2010

our 4th launch was in Marazion, Sounth West Cornwall

There's a small tidal island in west Cornwall called St Michael's Mount. At low tide, the island is walkable from the beautiful town of Marazion. To launch our kayak, we went there when the tide was high. Because we were facing the wind, it took us 35 min to paddle from where we parked to the nearest point of the island, and 25 min back. It was great fun!! After exploring in the sun for 4 hours, I am TAN now :)

St Michael's Mount at high tide yesterday:


  1. This takes me back to childhood holidays. I expect things have changed a bit by now :O)
    What a great kayak trip, just far enough to feel like you've "gone" somewhere!!

  2. Yeah, Cornwall is a great place!

    After paddling for over 3 hours, the tide went away and we put the kayak back to the car and had a walk to the ferry. The place looked totally different at low tide, but the camera went out of battery, so I have to take pic next time we went there again... in the end of the day, I was exhaustive, but in a relax way :)